Vredesberg Empowering Farms (Pty) Ltd

Providers of Top Quality Goat's milk products

  • The current product offering from the farm is goat’s milk, Gogo (a mature goat’s milk gouda cheese) , Bokche (a Chévre style cheese), Bokcreme (Full cream goats milk cream cheese.) Go-Yo Drinking Yoghurt (flavoured goat's yoghurt) as well as a Full Cream Plain Goat's milk Yoghurt
  • Vredesberg Farms providing top quality goat's milk products.
  • Two ladies enjoying a cup of ciffee with Vredesberg Goat's milk
  • Image of the goat milking process on Vredesberg - a producter of top quality goat's milk products
  • Delicious Serving suggestion of quality Goat's milk products by Vredesberg

Vredesberg produces Goat’s milk, Gogo (a mature goat’s milk gouda cheese) , Bokche (a Chévre style goat's milk cheese), Bokcreme (Full cream goat's milk cream cheese),  Go-Yo Drinking Yoghurt (flavoured goat's milk yoghurt) as well as a Full Cream Plain Goat's milk Yoghurt.

Vredesberg Empowering Farms (Pty) Ltd is a registered black owned agribusiness in the Republic of South Africa, situated just outside Kareedouw, between the beautiful Suurveld and the Tsitsikamma valley.

Our Vision

To establish a profitable business and preferred brand that produces top quality products, whilst empowering and equipping our people.

Our Mission

To produce and supply the best quality food products, while honouring our commitment to business integrity and -sustainability by empowering employees to become owners of the business.

To satisfy the needs of all our stakeholders.

Our Herd

The Vredesberg herd consists of Saanen, British Alpine and Toggenburg goats, adding unique milk qualities to our goat's milk product range.

Health Benefits of Goat's milk products

There are various benefits to choosing goat's milk and goat's milk products. Some examples include:

  • Goat's milk products contain smaller fat globules making digestion easier, thus providing faster uptake and bio-availability.
  • Goat's milk is known to vastly improve skin complexion. The fatty acids and triglycerides in goat milk has moisturizing qualities an keeps the skin soft.
  • Goat's milk assists in building bone density. A 2014 study, published in the journal of Osteoporosis International, found that consuming products specifically made with goat's milk aids in building bone density and can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Our product range

Bokche [Chévre style cheese]

Créme [Cream Cheese]

Bokceta [Feta]


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